Bandwidth Asia (Hong Kong) Limited

Welcome to Bandwidth Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd.

"Protect your business...."

Bandwidth is a Hong Kong advisory company focused on assisting software companies in their anti-piracy activities throughout the Asia Pacific region.  The main focus of business is identifying and targeting companies that pirate software and reaching a monetary settlement on behalf of the copyright owner.


Bandwidth’s “value add” for our clients include:

  • A dedicated team focused only on our client’s business – Bandwidth focuses on its client’s needs with dedicated personnel.  The key to any compliance program is dedication and focus.  That can only be accomplished by forming a team that works only on your compliance problems.
  • A regional Footprint – Bandwidth’s Managing Director has worked on compliance issues in most of the countries in Asia Pacific and has a network of resources to engage with to target companies pirating software.  Bandwidth hires experienced individuals that have worked in compliance roles at software companies.
  • Compliance – Bandwidth’s Managing Director is a qualified lawyer and has over 12 years experience in Asia working on anti-piracy activities.  Bandwidth understands the needs to provide ethical services, including complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) an other anti-bribery / corruption laws.  Bandwidth will not engage in any unethical behavior with law enforcement agents or other government officials to settle matters.  All personnel hired by Bandwidth have FCPA and anti-bribery training.  Foreign software companies will not have to have concerns that partnering with Bandwidth could lead to legal risk.